Armstrong Williams Leads Largest Minority Owned TV Group

Armstrong Williams Leads Largest Minority-Owned TV Group

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Armstrong Williams has never been afraid to challenge the status quo and is no stranger to controversy. While you may not recognize his name, many — especially those in Washington — do. As a well-known conservative commentator, he has worked as a legislative aide and advisor to Strom Thurmond (D-S.C.), as an assistant to then-chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity and current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and most recently is known as the public face of presidential hopeful Ben Carson.
More than that, however, is Williams’ commitment to diversity. As owner of Howard Stirk Holdings (HSH), a media conglomerate, the corporation not only boasts a minority ownership, but a 75 percent minority work force.
“The world is a diverse place,” says K. Marques Mullings, executive vice president of HSH II. “We celebrate the fact that our workforce reflects that diversity, in the range of issues important to the communities we serve.”
With two more news stations recently added to its list of holdings in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania, respectively, HSH now owns and operates a total of seven television stations.
“We are very proud of our ability to build on the achievements of our founder, Armstrong Williams,” says Howard Stirk’s Corporate Manager, Shirley Dave. “We look forward to offering our new viewers more programming options, and training the next generation of media executives,” Dave adds.
That Williams has paid for his properties from his own reserves is a testament to his tenet on eschewing long-term financing, private investment, or other ownership structures of his media empire. By fully owning his media properties, Williams says he is free to be independent in thought, action, and deed — beholden to no one.
While staunchly independent, Williams is known as a conservative, yet is no slave to party dogma or doctrine and is as comfortable in the inner city as he is in board rooms and at political gatherings.
In the coming weeks, Armstrong Williams productions will travel to the United Kingdom to report on the impact and conditions of the Syrian refugee camps.

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